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Installing DiffDog Server

System requirements

CentOS 6 or newer
RedHat 6 or newer
Debian 8 or newer
Ubuntu 14.04 or newer


The following libraries are required as a prerequisite to install and run the application. If the packages below are not already available on your Linux machine, run the command yum (or apt-get if applicable) to install them.


Required by

CentOS, RedHat









Perform installation either as root user or as a user with sudo privileges.
The previous version of DiffDog Server must be uninstalled before a new one is installed.


Installing DiffDog Server

1.Download the installation package from to a local directory.
2.Change to the directory where you downloaded the installation package, for example:

cd /home/User/Downloads

3.Install the DiffDog Server package.


[Debian, Ubuntu]   sudo dpkg --install diffdogserver-2019-debian.deb

[CentOS, RedHat]   sudo rpm -ivh diffdogserver-2019-1.x86_64.rpm


Note:You may need to adjust the name of the package above to match the current release or service pack version.


4.Start the DiffDog Server service.


[CentOS 6]:     sudo initctl start diffdogserver

[CentOS 7]:     sudo systemctl start diffdogserver

[Debian 8]:     sudo systemctl start diffdogserver

[RedHat 6]:     sudo initctl start diffdogserver

[RedHat 7]:     sudo systemctl start diffdogserver

[Ubuntu 14.04]: sudo initctl start diffdogserver

[Ubuntu 16.04]: sudo systemctl start diffdogserver


Licensing DiffDog Server

1.Ensure that the latest version of Altova LicenseServer ( is installed and running either on the local machine or network.
2.Register DiffDog Server with Altova LicenseServer. For this, you need to know either the host name or the IP address of the computer where LicenseServer runs. For example, if LicenseServer runs on, you can register it as follows:


sudo diffdogserver licenseserver


Note: The command above assumes you are calling the executable from the program installation directory. On CentOS and macOS, make sure to prepend "./" in front of the executable.


3.Log on to LicenseServer administration interface and assign the license to the machine where DiffDog Server runs.


For more information about licensing, refer to Altova LicenseServer documentation (

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