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Altova DiffDog Server 2020 

When you compare files in binary mode (that is, when the option --mode=binary), DiffDog Server creates no output report, since listing differences is not meaningful for binary files. In such cases, check the exit code to view the comparison outcome.


Exit code



No differences exist


Differences exist


An error has occurred


For example, the following Windows batch script compares two PDF files in binary mode. The %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable provides the exit code with the comparison outcome.


SET DIFFDOGSERVER="C:\Program Files\Altova\DiffDogServer2020\bin\DiffDogServer.exe"

%DIFFDOGSERVER% diff book1.pdf book2.pdf --m=binary

Windows batch script

On a Linux machine, the equivalent script could look as follows:




${DIFFDOGSERVER} diff book1.pdf book2.pdf --mode=binary

echo $?

Linux shell script


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