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This command creates a server configuration file with default settings for all options. Note that running this command without specifying the --force option will overwrite any existing configuration file. If you do not want that, set the --force option to false.



<exec> createconfig [options]


On Linux, use an all-lowercase to call the executable. In addition, on Linux and macOS, you might need to add the prefix "./" before the name of the executable when calling it from the current directory of the command shell.



--force, --f

Values are true|false. If true, then any existing server configuration file will be overwritten. If false, then a new server configuration file will be created only if one doesn't exist already. The default value is true.



Sets the value of the language parameter in the configuration file. Valid values are en, es, de, fr, ja.



To create a default configuration file and set the command line interface language to German, use:


diffdogserver createconfig --lang=de

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