Altova DiffDog Server 2023 

Not for general use. This command runs the server in console mode (as a command line app, not as a service). This is also the default start-up mode if you invoke the executable without specifying a command. To stop running DiffDog Server in this mode, press Ctrl+C.



<exec> foreground [options]


On Linux, use an all-lowercase to call the executable. In addition, on Linux and macOS, you might need to add the prefix "./" before the name of the executable when calling it from the current directory of the command shell.



--config, --c

This option specifies the path to a server configuration file.


--loglevel, --L

Sets the reporting level for information, warning, and error messages. Valid values:



Suppress all logging.


Report information, warning, and error messages.


Report error and warning messages.


(Default) Report only error messages.



This option specifies the port on which DiffDog Server listens for requests. Setting this option is meaningful if DiffDog Server runs on a port other than the default 29800. As an alternative to setting this option at the command line, you can set it in the configuration file. Note that, if you set this value at the command line, it takes precedence over the one defined in the configuration file.



To start the executable in console mode, use:


diffdogserver foreground

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