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The following table lists the database connection types supported for each platform.


Connection Type











Yes, with some limitations, see ADO.NET Support Notes


















For a database connection to be possible, the required database drivers must be installed on the operating system, namely:


For ADO.NET connections, the .NET Framework must be installed. Also, the ADO.NET provider of the database vendor must be installed if not already available on your operating system. Note that the ADO.NET providers of certain databases are not supported, see ADO.NET Support Notes.

For JDBC connections, the JDBC drivers must be added to the CLASSPATH variable. Also, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be installed. This may be either Oracle JDK or an open source build such as Oracle OpenJDK. As an alternative to changing the CLASSPATH variable, you can add values to the Java class path by configuring the data source with the extend-classpath option.

For ODBC connections, the ODBC driver of the respective database vendor must be installed.


The 32-bit or 64-bit platform of DiffDog Server should match that of the database driver.


PostgreSQL and SQLite connections are supported natively and do not require any drivers.


You can view at a glance all the database drivers detected on your machine by DiffDog Server by running the db-drivers command.


The table below lists all the supported databases. If your Altova application is a 64-bit version, ensure that you have access to the 64-bit database drivers needed for the specific database you are connecting to.




Firebird 2.x, 3.x, 4.x

IBM DB2 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x

IBM Db2 for i 6.x, 7.4, 7.5

Logical files are supported and shown as views.

IBM Informix 11.70 and later

MariaDB 10 and later

Microsoft Access 2003 and later

At the time of writing (early September 2019), there is no Microsoft Access Runtime available for Access 2019. You can connect to an Access 2019 database from Altova products only if Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime is installed and only if the database does not use the "Large Number" data type.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

SQL Server 2016 codebase

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

MySQL 5 and later

Oracle 9i and later

PostgreSQL 8 and later

PostgreSQL connections are supported both as native connections and driver-based connections through interfaces (drivers) such as ODBC or JDBC. Native connections do not require any drivers.

Progress OpenEdge 11.6

SQLite 3.x




SQLite connections are supported as native, direct connections to the SQLite database file. No separate drivers are required.

Sybase ASE 15, 16

Teradata 16


ADO.NET Support Notes

The following table lists known ADO.NET database drivers that are currently not supported or have limited support in DiffDog Server.




Support notes

All databases

.Net Framework Data Provider for ODBC

Limited support. Known issues exist with Microsoft Access connections. It is recommended to use ODBC direct connections instead.

.Net Framework Data Provider for OleDb

Limited support. Known issues exist with Microsoft Access connections. It is recommended to use ADO direct connections instead.


Firebird ADO.NET Data Provider

Limited support. It is recommended to use ODBC or JDBC instead.


IBM Informix Data Provider for .NET Framework 4.0

Not supported. Use DB2 Data Server Provider instead.

IBM DB2 for i (iSeries)

.Net Framework Data Provider for i5/OS

Not supported. Use .Net Framework Data Provider for IBM i instead, installed as part of the IBM i Access Client Solutions - Windows Application Package.


.Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle

Limited support. Although this driver is provided with the .NET Framework, its usage is discouraged by Microsoft, because it is deprecated.



No ADO.NET drivers for this vendor are supported. Use a native connection instead.



No ADO.NET drivers for this vendor are supported.


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