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DiffDog Server Command Line

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This section describes the commands available in the DiffDog Server executable.


aliases, list-aliases

Displays all the aliases defined on the server side, see Restricting Access to Server Paths.


Uploads a license to LicenseServer and assigns it to DiffDog Server on this machine. Windows only.


Resets the server configuration file to default settings.

data-diff, compare-data

Runs one or more database data comparison jobs configured previously, see Comparing Databases.

datasources, list-datasources

Displays all the data sources defined in the server configuration file on the machine where DiffDog Server is installed. For more information about data sources, see Setting up Data Sources.

db-drivers, list-db-drivers

Displays all ADO, ADO.NET, JDBC, and ODBC drivers detected on the local machine.

diff, compare

Performs side-by-side comparison of files, directories, or URLs.


Starts DiffDog Server in console mode (not as a service).


Displays help for a specific command. For example: help run


Installs DiffDog Server as a service. Windows only.


Registers DiffDog Server with LicenseServer on the local network.

run, import, load

Runs a comparison if given one of the following file kinds as argument:


*.dirdif (directory comparison)

*.filedif (file comparison)

*.dbdif (database data comparison)


Displays current configuration.


Uninstalls DiffDog Server as a service. Windows only.


Checks if the current DiffDog Server is licensed; optionally, check if a given license key is assigned. Windows only.


Displays the version of the DiffDog Server executable.


Note:In the first column of the table above, there are commands that have two or three versions (e.g., aliases, list-aliases). The first command is a short version and the others are longer versions. You can use these commands interchangeably.


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