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When you install MobileTogether Server (MTS), the installer will inform you that you can choose to also install the corresponding Altova LicenseServer version on the same machine (see screenshot below, which shows a screen of the MTS installer wizard). Additionally, you can choose whether you want to register the server product (MTS) during the installation process, and, if yes, then with which LicenseServer (LS) on your network (see screenshot below).





You have two broad installation options:


Joint installation:

Separate installations: You can install MTS and LS separately (on the same machine, or with LS on a different machine). If you want the servers on different machines, then you must install them separately; you cannot run a joint installation as described in the previous bullet point. In the case of separate installations, it is best to install LicenseServer first and start it. That way, when you install MTS and SVS, you can register them with the already-installed LicenseServer (see the registration options in the MobileTogether Server Installer Wizard screenshot above).


Note:If you are updating your version of MobileTogether Server, then make sure that you update your LicenseServer version as well (to the corresponding LicenseServer version or higher).


Download and install Altova LicenseServer

This step is required only if you are installing LicenseServer (LS) on a different machine than the one on which installed. Otherwise, you can skip a separate installation, and instead install LS during the installation of MTS (see next section below).


To download and install LicenseServer, do the following:


1.Go to the LicenseServer download page (

2.Download LicenseServer for the appropriate OS (LicenseServer is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS).

3.Install LicenseServer. If you have difficulties or need detailed information, see the appropriate Installation section of the LicenseServer documentation.


After installation, start LS as described in.


Download and install MobileTogether Server

The MobileTogether Server (MTS) installer can optionally install Altova LicenseServer (LS) on the same machine as MTS. If you plan to install MTS and LS on the same machine, then it is best that you install both during the MTS installation. If LS is already installed on a machine in your network, then make sure that: (i) the LS version number is the same or higher than that which corresponds to the MTS or SVS version you are installing (whichever is higher), and (ii) that you register MTS with ALS. The ALS version that corresponds to the MTS version you are installing is given in the Installer Wizard screen (see screenshot below).


To install MTS (and, optionally, Altova LicenseServer), do the following:


1.Go to the MobileTogether Server download page (

2.Download the MTS installer for the appropriate OS (MTS is available for Windows, Linux and macOS).

3.Start the MTS installer.

4.In the LS screen (screenshot below), select: (i) whether you wish to install LicenseServer as part of the MobileTogether Server installation, or not; and (ii) whether you wish to register MTS with a LS or not, and, if yes, then with which LS. The section describes how to register MTS with LS later—that is, subsequent to the installations of both servers..


If you have difficulties or need detailed information, see the appropriate Installation section of the MobileTogether Server documentation.


After installation, start MTS as described in


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