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Altova CbC Reporting Solution

On-Premises Installation

Upgrade to New Version of CbCR App

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If you are upgrading to a newer version of Altova CbC Reporting Solution, do the following:


Make sure that you install the latest versions of Altova LicenseServer, MobileTogether Designer, and MobileTogether Server. For information about installation, see the respective sections.

Make sure that MobileTogether Server is registered and licensed with Altova LicenseServer.

Start MobileTogether Designer and, from it, deploy the new MobileTogether Package file (.mtp file) to MobileTogether Server. See Deploy the Solution to MobileTogether Server for information about how to do this.


Note:Do not copy the DB or any other file that is in the zipped archive you downloaded from the Altova website. If you do so, the new empty DB will overwrite your existing DB.


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