Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Start the CbC Reporting Solution

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The deployed CbC Reporting Solution can be started in any one of the following two ways:



Directly in a web browser

In a web browser type the solution's URL:









Log in with user=root and password=root



Via the Workflows tab of the MobileTogether Server client interface

To avoid typing in the entire URL, you can also start the solution by first opening the MobileTogether Server client interface (which provides access to deployed solutions), and then selecting the CbCR solution.


1.In a web browser type the URL to access the MobileTogether Server client interface: http://<server-ip-address>:8083.

2.If prompted for login credentials, enter them.

3.Open the container that contains the solution (for example, the cbc_reporting container or public container).

4.Click the URL of the CbCR solution (in the Run in Browser column).


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