Altova CbC Reporting Solution

On-Premises Installation

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In an on-premises installation (as opposed to accessing the CbC Reporting Solution vial the Altova Cloud Portal), the CbC Reporting Solution is deployed to MobileTogether Server by MobileTogether Designer. The solution is served from MobileTogether Server to browser clients. The diagram below gives an overview of the system components and how they work together.



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On-premises installation steps

Carry out the following steps to install the CbC Reporting Solution:


1.Install Altova MobileTogether Designer. Obtain a MobileTogether Designer license, which is free of charge, and activate MobileTogether Designer.

2.Install Altova MobileTogether Server and Altova LicenseServer, and register MobileTogether Server with LicenseServer.

3.Obtain a license for Altova MobileTogether Server, and assign the MobileTogether Server license.

4.Open MobileTogether Designer and deploy the CbC Reporting Solution to MobileTogether Server.

5.Start the CbC Reporting Solution.


These steps are described in detail in the sections of this chapter. See Upgrade to New Version of CbCR Solution for information about upgrading.


Altova product documentation

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