Altova LicenseServer

License status values are as follows:


Activating: When a license is uploaded to the license pool of LicenseServer, the server will transmit license-related data to the master licensing server to validate, authenticate, and activate the license that was supplied. This is necessary to ensure compliance with the Altova license agreements. During this initial activation and authentication transactionwhich typically lasts between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes, depending on your Internet connection, speed, and overall network traffic—the status of the license will be indicated as Activating....


Failed Verification: If a connection with the master licensing server cannot be made, then the status of the license in the pool will be shown as Failed Verification. If this happens, check your Internet connection and firewall rules to ensure that LicenseServer is able to communicate with the master licensing server. 


Active: Once the license has been authenticated and activated, the status will change to Active


Inactive: If a license has been verified, but is present on another LicenseServer on the network, the status will be shown as Inactive. An Inactive status also results when a license is manually deactivated in the license pool by the administrator.


Pending: If the start date of a license is a date in the future, then the license is shown as Pending. The status will change to Active at 00:00 hrs on the start date. A Pending license can be assigned to a product and ensures that the changeover to the new license is a smooth transition, with no running client processes being interrupted.


Blocked: A license is shown in the license pool as Blocked (i) if the license has expired, or (ii) if there was a problem authenticating the license and the master licensing server has not granted permission to the LicenseServer to use this license. A problem could be the result of a license agreement violation, over-usage of a license, or other compliance issues. After fixing the issue, delete, re-upload, and re-activate the license. Please see the table below for additional information.


These statuses are summarized in the table below:





On upload, license information is sent to for verification. Refresh the browser to view the updated status. Verification and activation can take a few minutes.

Failed Verification

A connection to could not be made. After establishing a connection, either restart the service or activate the license (with the Activate button).


Verification was successful, the license is active.


Verification was successful, but the license is also on another LicenseServer on the network. Licenses can be made inactive with the Deactivate button.


A Pending license has a start date in the future, and it turns Active on that start date. It can be assigned to a product and ensures the automatic renewal of a product's licensing before an existing license expires.


Verification was not successful. License is invalid and is blocked. After the issue that was causing the license to be blocked has been resolved, delete the license, re-upload it, and re-activate it. Every time a license is uploaded, it contacts the Altova master server, which will start a new verification. If you do not re-upload, then the license verification will have to wait till the next scheduled communication with the Altova master server—and that might not happen for up to a day. Contact Altova Support if the problem persists.


Note:After a license has been sent to for verification, the browser must be refreshed to see the updated status. Verification and activation can take a few minutes.


Note:If a connection to could not be made, the status will be Failed Verification. After establishing a connection, either restart the service or try activating the license with the Activate button.


Note:When a license is given a status of Inactive or Blocked, a message explaining the status is also added to the Messages log.


Only an active or pending license can be assigned to a product installation. An inactive license can be activated or deleted from the license pool. If a license is deleted from the license pool, it can be uploaded again to the pool by uploading the license file containing it. When a license file is updated, only those licenses in it that are not already in the pool will be uploaded to the pool. To activate, deactivate, or delete a license, select it and then click the Activate, Deactivate, or Delete button, respectively.


If a license has to be renewed because of an expiration of your Service & Maintenance Package, then the old, replaced license is automatically disabled.


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