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This topic describes the steps to take when an Altova desktop product is: (i) hosted on a central server, and (ii) licensed to remote clients. Follow these guidelines if you plan to install Altova desktop products on virtual machines, virtual desktops, or remote desktops, and if you want to ensure that the product is registered with the correct LicenseServer.


1.Install LicenseServer before installing the desktop product.

2.Upload the relevant product licenses to the license pool of the LicenseServer. (Alternatively, you can upload the licenses subsequent to registration (next point).)

3.At the end of the installation procedure for the desktop product, you will be asked whether you want to register the product with LicenseServer. Choose Yes, and, from the list of available LicenseServers, select the LicenseServer on which the product licenses are available (or will be available in the future).

4.After successful registration, write-protect the product's LICSVR file, located at: %ProgramData%\Altova\<ProductName><Version>\<ProductName>.licsvr. This is to ensure that the details of the correct LicenseServer, which are stored in the LICSVR file, are not accidentally overwritten

5.From now onwards, every time a remote client starts the server-based product software, that client can acquire or be assigned a license from the correct LicenseServer.


Note:If you leave the registration of the installed product to a later time, it is possible that a network client will start the server-based product software and register the product to an inappropriate LicenseServer. To avoid that this happens, you should register the desktop product as soon as possible after it has been installed.


Note:If the first registration of a product was with a wrong LicenseServer, then licenses for every subsequent client that starts the server-based product will be restricted to the licenses available on that (wrong) LicenseServer. Even if licenses for the product are available on this LicenseServer, this licensing will likely not be as intended. In the meantime, the licenses on the correct LicenseServer will lie there unused by their intended assignees.


Note:An Installed license or Concurrent-User license will only work for the first user who logs on to this machine and runs the product. This is because the product is licensed for the machine, and only one user may run the product on that machine at a given time. If you want to enable access and use of the product installation by multiple users, then license the product with a Named User license.


Also see: Types of Altova Licenses and Network Information.


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