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Updating LicenseServer

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Each new release of Altova products is accompanied by the release of a newer version of LicenseServer (the corresponding version). If you update your Altova product, you must also update your LicenseServer to the corresponding LicenseServer version*. This is because the updated Altova product cannot be licensed with a LicenseServer that is older than the corresponding version. Note, however, that LicenseServer versions are backwards-compatible. (This means that LicenseServer can be used to license corresponding and older versions of Altova products.)


Update LicenseServer as follows:


On Windows systems: Double-click the new version's installer (executable file) or call the installer from the command line. The installer will uninstall the older version of LicenseServer and install the new version.

On Linux and macOS: Uninstall the older version manually and then start the installer file of the new version.


The installation procedure is the same as when you  originally installed LicenseServer (see for Windows, Linux, macOS).


* LicenseServer 3.12 can be used to license (i) Altova software products of version 2024 or older, and (ii) Altova MobileTogether Server version 9.0 or older. It cannot be used to license Altova product versions that are newer than those listed in this note.


Points to note


If you are installing a new version of an Altova product and if your current LicenseServer version is not the latest, de-install the older version of LicenseServer and install the latest version. (On Windows systems, alternatively, you can leave this to the LicenseServer installer, which will detect the older version and automatically de-install it before proceeding with the LicenseServer installation.)

All registration and licensing information held in your older version of LicenseServer will be saved, at the time of de-installation, to a database on the LicenseServer machine, and will be imported automatically into the newer version. This will be done in both cases: (i) manual de-installation, or (ii) automatic de-installation by the LicenseServer installer.

The version number of the LicenseServer that is appropriate for any particular version of a server product is displayed during the installation of that server product. You can choose to install this version of LicenseServer as part of the installation of the server product.

If LicenseServer is backed up by a Failover LicenseServer, see the update sequence given below.

The version of the currently installed LicenseServer is given at the bottom of the LicenseServer configuration page.


Updating a LicenseServer that is backed up by a Failover LicenseServer

When updating a LicenseServer that is backed up by a Failover LicenseServer to a newer version, you must update in the following sequence:


1.Update the Primary LicenseServer. During the update, the Failover LicenseServer will take over.

2.Wait for the Primary update to finish. When the Primary update is completed, the Primary will take over from the Failover, and the Failover service stops

3.Update the Failover LicenseServer.

4.When the Failover update is completed, the Failover service resumes.


Note:If you try to update the Failover first, then the installation fails and an installation rollback is attempted. If the rollback fails, then the Failover will have been uninstalled.


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