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Obtain Certificate from CA

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This section describes the steps for obtaining a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). In order to enable SSL encryption for LicenseServer, you will need the following files:


Private Key file: generated by you, by using: (i) an application that may already exist on your operating system (such as Keychain Access on macOS or OpenSSL on Linux), or (ii) third party applications (such as OpenSSL).

Certificate file: This is the public key that is based on your private key, and which you purchase from a recognized Certificate Authority (CA) such as VeriSign or Thawte. For the purchase, you will need: (i) the Private Key file you generated, and (ii) a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), which can also be generated by your SSL application.

Certificate Chain files (or Intermediate Certificate files): provided by the CA along with the public key certificate file.


The steps to obtain these three files are listed below.


Since OpenSSL typically comes pre-installed on most Linux distributions and on macOS machines, and can also be installed on Windows computers, the steps listed below are explained withe OpenSSL commands. For download links to Open SSL installer binaries, see the OpenSSL Wiki.


Steps for generating private key and obtaining certificates from CA


1.Generate a private key

2.Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

3.Buy an SSL certificate

4.Receive public key and intermediate files from CA

5.Save public key to file

6.Save CA's intermediate certificates to a single file


Result files

After you have carried out the steps listed above, you should have the following files:


Private Key file: named private.key in the steps above (see Step 1)

Certificate file: named certificate.cer in the steps above (see Steps 2 to 5)

Certificate Chain files (or Intermediate Certificate files): named intermediates.cer in the steps above (see Steps 4 and 6)


Save these files to a suitable location. You will need to enter their filepaths when enabling SSL encryption in the Web UI settings of the Settings tab.


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