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Start LicenseServer as a Service (Windows)

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You can start LicenseServer as a service via Altova ServiceController, which is available in the system tray. Do the following:


1.Click Start | All Programs | Altova LicenseServer | Altova ServiceController. Altova ServiceController is started and its icon is displayed in the system tray (see screenshot below). If you select the Run Altova ServiceController at Startup menu command, Altova ServiceController will start up on system start and its icon will be available in the system tray from then onwards.


2.To start LicenseServer as a service, click the Altova ServiceController icon in the system tray, hover over Altova LicenseServer in the menu that appears (see screenshot above), and then select Start Service from the LicenseServer submenu. If LicenseServer is already running, the Start Service option will be disabled.


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