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The example below shows how to use C# code to generate an output RTF file using a PXF file and an input XML file. Ensure that StyleVision Server is installed and licensed and that it is available as a COM server object. Registration as a COM server object usually takes place during installation of StyleVision Server. To check if registration was successful, see About the COM Interface. Also see About the .NET Interface.


namespace StyleVisionServerAPI_sample


  class Program


      static void Main(string[] args)




              //Create a StyleVision Server object

              Altova.StyleVisionServer.Server objSVS = new Altova.StyleVisionServer.Server();


              //Set a working directory - used for output and for intermediate files

              objSVS.WorkingDirectory = "..\\..\\..";


              //Default path to the StyleVision Server executable is the installation path (same dir with the StyleVisionServer.dll)

              //In case you moved the binaries on the disk, you need to explicitly set the path to the .exe file

              //objSVS.ServerPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Altova\\StyleVisionServer2024\\bin\\StyleVisionServer.exe";


              //Prepare the name of the working XML

              //    This can be an absolute/relative path if the file is stored externally (not inside PXF)

              // objSVS.InputXML = "ExpReport.xml";

              //    Or it can contain the path INSIDE the PXF

              // objSVS.InputXML = "ExpReport.pxf|zip\\ExpReport.xml";

              //    Easiest way is to refer to the file as being embedded in the transformation file

              objSVS.InputXML = "altova://packagedfile/ExpReport.xml";


              //Add output paths (absolute or relative to WorkingDirectory) for all formats that should be generated

              objSVS.OutputRTF = "C:\\tmp\\ExpReport.rtf";


              //Prepare the parameters, if your design uses parameters

              //objSVS.AddParameter( "testparam1", "value 1" );


              //Run the transformation; the output will be stored at C:\temp\ExpReport.rtf

              // NOTE Please adapt the path to the input file in order to run the sample

              if (objSVS.Generate("ExpReport.pxf"))

                  System.Console.WriteLine("Success - finished execution");




          catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException ex)


              // some general error like an invalid license happened

               System.Console.WriteLine("Internal Error - " + ex.Message);






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