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Notes about Environment (Linux)

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Given below is a list of important folders in your StyleVision Server setup.



Database connections

On Linux, the following database connections are supported:


JDBC — You can use JDBC for all supported databases except Microsoft Access

Native connections — Currently available for SQLite and PostgreSQL databases


If you are using JDBC, note the following points:


The Java Runtime Environment or SDK must be installed.

The JDBC drivers for the target database must be installed.

The following environment variables must be set correctly for your environment:

οCLASSPATH: to find the jar-files that connect to the JDBC database; the jar-files can be entered either in (i) an executable script (like that is executed on system start or (ii) a unit file that is executed when StyleVision Server is started as a service. Using a unit file to specify the jar-files has the advantage that the files required for StyleVision Server's JDBC connections will be located without you having to modify the existing system configuration. A unit file is listed below.

οPATH: to find the JRE, but might not be necessary depending on the installation

οJAVA_HOME: if necessary, depending on the installation.


Listing of important files

The following shell script (or unit file) is copied to the folder /opt/Altova/StyleVisionServer/etc so as not to overwrite already existing configuration files. Make the necessary changes as required. Also see the section JDBC Connections above. The parts highlighted in blue are environment-specific and need to be adjusted to match your environment:



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