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Install LicenseServer (macOS)

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Altova LicenseServer can be downloaded from the Altova website ( Carry out the installation as described here.


The LicenseServer package will be installed in the following folder:




For information about how to register StyleVision Server with Altova LicenseServer and license it, see Licensing on macOS.


LicenseServer versions

Altova products must be licensed either (i) with a version of LicenseServer that corresponds to the installed StyleVision Server version or (ii) with a later version of LicenseServer.

The LicenseServer version that corresponds to the current version of StyleVision Server is 3.14.

On Windows, you can install the corresponding version of LicenseServer as part of the StyleVision Server installation or install LicenseServer separately. On Linux amd macOS, you must install LicenseServer separately.

Before a newer version of LicenseServer is installed, any older one must be de-installed.

At the time of LicenseServer de-installation, all registration and licensing information held in the older version of LicenseServer will be saved to a database on your server machine. This data will be imported automatically into the newer version when the newer version is installed.

LicenseServer versions are backwards compatible. They will work with older versions of StyleVision Server.

The latest version of LicenseServer available on the Altova website. This version will work with any current or older version of StyleVision Server.

The version number of the currently installed LicenseServer is given at the bottom of the LicenseServer configuration page (all tabs).


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