Altova EBA Add-in for Excel, Version 2024 Enterprise Edition

VBA Example

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The following code listing shows how to insert an XBRL report into an Excel file and populate the first cell using VBA:


' VBA Example 1:
' Creates a new EBA COREP ALM report with form 'C 68.00.a' and sets the value of the first cell
Sub Example1()
   Dim addIn As COMAddIn
   Dim automationObject As Object
   Dim Workbook As Object
   Dim tableTree As Object
   Dim tableNode As Object
   ' Get the Automation API object
   Set addIn = Application.COMAddIns.Item("Altova.EBAAddIn")
   Set automationObject = addIn.Object
   ' Insert a new EBA 2.9.1 COREP ALM report
   Set Workbook = automationObject.InsertNewReport("")
   Set tableTree = automationObject.GetTableTree(Workbook)
   ' Find table tree node for form 'C 68.00.a'
   Set tableNode = tableTree.FindTableByRCCode("C 68.00.a")
   ' Include this table in the filing (this will also create the respective Excel worksheet)
   tableNode.IncludeInFiling = True
   ' Get the Data range of this form and set the value of the first cell to 42
   tableNode.Forms.Item(0).DataRange.Item(1).Value = "42"
End Sub


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