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Comparing Word Documents

You can use DiffDog Server to compare Microsoft Word 2003 or later documents (.docx, .dotx). Microsoft Word is not required to be installed in order to perform such comparisons.


To compare Word documents, invoke the diff command similar to how this is done for plain or XML text files, for example:


DiffDogCmdlClient diff "C:\Reports.docx" "C:\ReportsWithFeedback.docx" --mode=doc


Note:In the command above, DiffDogCmdlClient stands for the path of the DiffDog Command Line Client executable, see How It Works.


As best practice, set the --mode=doc option in order to instruct DiffDog Server to treat the compared files as Word documents.


When comparing Word documents, you can choose whether formatting information such as bold, italic, font size and color should be ignored or taken into account. The diff command provides the following options for that purpose:


--doc-format-bold, --dfb
--doc-format-font-color, --dfc
--doc-format-font-name, --dff
--doc-format-font-size, --dfs
--doc-format-italic, --dfi
--doc-format-underline, --dfu


When set to true, any of the options above will take into account text with the respective formatting.


In addition, you can set the following options when comparing Word documents:


--doc-ignore-blank-lines, --dib
--doc-ignore-case, --doc
--doc-whitespace-mode, --dws

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