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After the GDPR Compliance Database has been deployed to MobileTogether Server, it is used as follows:


Start its user management app to set up users of the system and certain system settings.

Users that have been defined in the user management app can start and access the compliance database.


Both the compliance database and its user management app are started by entering their respective URLs in a web browser. These are, respectively:



http://<ip-address-of-MobileTogetherServer>:8084/run?d=/public/GDPR Users



Note:As part of the process of configuring the system, configured users will be sent the URL with which to access the compliance database.


Note:The port number 8084 is the default client port of MobileTogether Server, that is, the port that has been configured on MobileTogether Server to be open to client traffic. You can change the client port in the MobileTogether Server administrator interface. See the online MobileTogether Server manual for more information.


Note:How to work with the compliance database and its user management app is explained in the User Guide part of the Altova GDPR Compliance Database documentation.


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