Altova GDPR Compliance Database

Important Information

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Altova LicenseServer

Required in order to license MobileTogether Server and StyleVision Server


Altova LicenseServer web interface: http://<LicenseServer-ipaddress>:8088

Altova LicenseServer initial password: default


Note:The initial password can be changed in the Settings tab of License Server.


MobileTogether Server administrator interface

Provides access to MobileTogether Server settings.


URL: http://<MobileTogetherServer-ipaddress>:8085

Default user: root

Default password: root


Note:To be able to log in to the administrator interface of MobileTogether Server, the username must be one that has administrator rights. A user named root is pre-defined and has administrator rights. So you can log in with administrator rights for the first time as root. You can change the password of root in the Users and Roles tab of the administrator interface. In this tab, you can also create additional users with different privileges.


MobileTogether Server solutions directory location

The server-side solutions directory is the physical folder location on the server to which solutions are deployed (from MobileTogether Designer). This folder is specified in the Settings tab of MobileTogether Server (see Deploy the Solution to MobileTogether Server). Once this setting has been specified, all deployed files will be saved to this location. After deploying the solution, you must also manually save the SampleData subfolder from the unzipped folder of GDPR files to the server-side solution's working directory. (The SampleData subfolder contains the SQLite database in which the GDPR metadata will be stored.) You can set any folder on the server to be the server-side solutions directory. The location of the default MobileTogether Server solutions directory on Windows, Linux, and macOS, respectively, is given below.


On Windows



On Linux



On macOS



Note:        The ProgramData folder is by default a hidden folder on Windows systems. So you will need to change the option of Windows Explorer that hides folders.


MobileTogether Server client interface




Note:The port number 8084 is the default client port of MobileTogether Server. You can change the client port in the MobileTogether Server administrator interface. See the online MobileTogether Server manual for more information.


GDPR Compliance Database

The URLs of the GDPR Compliance Database and its user management app are, respectively:



http://<MobileTogetherServer-ipaddress>:8084/run?d=/public/GDPR Users


Note:The container names public/GDPR and public/GDPR Users are assumed to be the containers where the GDPR Compliance Database and its user management app have been deployed.


Online user manuals of Altova products

These are available at the Altova website:


Altova LicenseServer:


StyleVision Server:


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