Altova GDPR Compliance Database

If you are installing MobileTogether Server (MTS), StyleVision Server (SVS), and Altova LicenseServer (ALS or LS) on Linux, you must install each separately. The installation and setup steps are as follows:


1.Download the Linux packages of MTS, SVS, and ALS from the Altova Download Center (

2.Install the MTS, SVS, and ALS packages. For information about how to do this, see the installation sections in their respective online user manuals: MobileTogether Server, StyleVision Server, Altova LicenseServer.

3.Start Altova LicenseServer and MobileTogether Server. (Note that SVS does not need to be started.)

4.Register MobileTogether Server and StyleVision Server with License Server.

5.Assign a license to MobileTogether Server and StyleVision Server from License Server.


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