Altova GDPR Compliance Database

Standard Installation

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The standard installation is a procedure to install all the software components of Altova GDPR Compliance Database and to set up the system for use. The description of this procedure is organized into the following subsections of this section:


Software Requirements: lists the required software components, together with a brief explanation of that component's functionality within the overall GDPR system

MobileTogether Designer: how to install and license it

Altova LicenseServer, MobileTogether Server, and StyleVision Server: how to install

Altova LicenseServer and MobileTogether Server: how to start

MobileTogether Server, and StyleVision Server: how to register with Altova LicenseServer

MobileTogether Server, and StyleVision Server: how to license from Altova LicenseServer

GDPR Compliance Database: deploy by opening the source .mtd file in MobileTogether Designer and deploying the compliance database to MobileTogether Server

GDPR Compliance Database: how to start  

Important Information: Lists in one place information such as server IP addresses and ports, default passwords, commands, and URLs that are related to the running of the system


After you have completed the standard installation, users of the compliance database, their access credentials, and other system settings can be configured conveniently in the system's User Management app. The compliance database can then be accessed by the configured users and start to be used.


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