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XSLT and XQuery Engine Information

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The XSLT and XQuery engines of RaptorXML Server follow the W3C specifications closely and are therefore stricter than previous Altova engines—such as those in previous versions of XMLSpy and those of AltovaXML, the predecessor of RaptorXML. As a result, minor errors that were ignored by previous engines are now flagged as errors by RaptorXML Server.


For example:


It is a type error (err:XPTY0018) if the result of a path operator contains both nodes and non-nodes.

It is a type error (err:XPTY0019) if E1 in a path expression E1/E2 does not evaluate to a sequence of nodes.


If you encounter this kind of error, modify either the XSLT/XQuery document or the instance document as appropriate.


This section describes implementation-specific features of the engines, organized by specification:


XSLT 1.0

XSLT 2.0

XSLT 3.0

XQuery 1.0

XQuery 3.1


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