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The Java API is packaged in the com.altova.raptorxml package. The RaptorXML class provides an entry-point method called getFactory(), which returns RaptorXMLFactory objects. So, a RaptorXMLFactory instance can be created with the call: RaptorXML.getFactory().


The RaptorXMLFactory interface provides methods for getting engine objects for validation and other processing functionality (such as XSLT transformation).



The public RaptorXMLFactory interface is described by the following listing:


public interface RaptorXMLFactory


  public XMLValidator getXMLValidator();

  public XMLDSig getXMLDSig();

  public XQuery getXQuery();

  public XSLT getXSLT();

  public void setServerName(String name) throws RaptorXMLException;

  public void setServerPath(String path) throws RaptorXMLException;

  public void setServerPort(int port) throws RaptorXMLException;

  public void setGlobalCatalog(String catalog);

  public void setUserCatalog(String catalog);

  public void setGlobalResourcesFile(String file);

  public void setGlobalResourceConfig(String config);

  public void setErrorFormat(RaptorXMLException format);

  public void setErrorLimit(int limit);

  public void setReportOptionalWarnings(boolean report);



For more details, see the descriptions of RaptorXMLFactory and the respective Java methods. Also see the Example Java Project.


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