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RaptorXML Server is available for installation on Windows systems. The broad installation and setup procedure is described below. For detailed information about specific parts of the installation procedure, see their respective topics.


Installing RaptorXML Server

RaptorXML Server can be installed on Windows systems as follows:


As a separate standalone server product. To install RaptorXML Server , download and run the RaptorXML Server installer. Follow the on-screen instructions.

To install RaptorXML Server as part of the FlowForce Server package, download and run the FlowForce Server installer. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure you check the option for installing RaptorXML Server.


The installers of both RaptorXML Server and FlowForce Server are available at the Altova Download Center ( You can select your installation language from the box in the lower left area of the wizard. Note that this selection also sets the default language of RaptorXML Server. You can change the language later from the command line.


Installing LicenseServer

In order for RaptorXML Server to work, it must be registered and licensed with an Altova LicenseServer on your network. When you install RaptorXML Server or FlowForce Server on Windows systems, you can install LicenseServer together with RaptorXML Server or FlowForce Server. For details, see Install LicenseServer.


After installation, the RaptorXML Server executable will be located by default at the following path:




All the necessary registrations to use RaptorXML Server via a COM interface, as a Java interface, and in the .NET environment will be done by the installer.This includes registering the RaptorXML Server executable as a COM server object and adding the Altova.RaptorXML.dll file to the .NET reference library.


Installing on Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core has no GUI and must be installed via the command line. See the section Installing on Windows Server Core for information about how to do this.


Uninstalling RaptorXML Server

Uninstall RaptorXML Server as follows:


1.Right-click the Windows Start button and select Settings.

2.Open the Control Panel (start typing "Control Panel" and click the suggested entry).

3.Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.

4.In Control Panel, select RaptorXML Server and click Uninstall.


Evaluation license

During the installation process, you will be given the option of requesting a 30-day evaluation license for RaptorXML Server. After submitting the request, an evaluation license will be sent to the email address you registered.


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