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The starting point for using the functionality of RaptorXML is the IServer interface (COM/.NET) or RaptorXMLFactory class (Java). This object contains the objects that provide the RaptorXML functionality: XML validation,  XQuery document and XML Signature processing, and XSLT transformations.


The hierarchy of the object model is shown below, and the interfaces are described in detail in the corresponding sections. The methods and properties of each interface are described in the section for that interface.


IServer (COM/.NET) / RaptorXMLFactory (Java)

 |-- IXMLDSig(COM/.NET) / XMLDSig (Java)

 |-- IXMLValidator (COM/.NET) / XMLValidator (Java)

 |-- IXSLT (COM/.NET) / XSLT (Java)

 |-- IXQuery (COM/.NET) / XQuery (Java)


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