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The xmlsignature-remove | xremove command removes the XML signature of the signed input file, and saves the resulting unsigned document to an output location that you specify.



RaptorXML xmlsignature-remove [options] --output=File SignedFile


raptorxml xmlsignature-remove [options] --output=File SignedFile


raptorxml xmlsignature-remove [options] --output=File SignedFile


The SignedFile argument is the signed XML document from which you want to remove the XML signature. The --output option specifies the location of the unsigned XML document that is generated.




raptorxml xremove --output=c:\UnsignedFile.xml c:\SignedFile.xml


Click to expand/collapseCasing and slashes on the command line

RaptorXML on Windows

raptorxml on Unix (Linux, Mac)


* Note that lowercase (raptorxml) works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), while upper-lower (RaptorXML) works only on Windows and Mac.

* Use forward slashes on Linux and Mac, backslashes on Windows.



The command's options are listed below, organized into groups. Values can be specified without quotes except in two cases: (i) when the value string contains spaces, or (ii) when explicitly stated in the description of the option that quotes are required.


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output = FILE

The URL of the output document that is created with the XML signature removed.


--verbose = true|false

A value of true enables output of additional information during validation. Default value is false.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.



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Displays help text for the command. For example, valany --h. (Alternatively the help command can be used with an argument. For example: help valany.)



Displays the version of RaptorXML Server. If used with a command, place --version before the command.





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