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--indent-characters = VALUE

Specifies the character string to be used as indentation.


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--input = FILE

The URL of the XML file to be transformed.


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--keep-formatting = true|false

Keeps the formatting of the target document to the maximum extent that this is possible. Default is: true.


Click to expand/collapseomit-xml-declaration

--omit-xml-declaration = true|false

Serialization option to specify whether the XML declaration should be omitted from the output or not. If true, there will be no XML declaration in the output document. If false, an XML declaration will be included. Default value is false.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.


Click to expand/collapseoutput, xsltoutput

output = FILE, xsltoutput = FILE

The URL of the primary-output file. For example, in the case of multiple-file HTML output, the primary-output file will be the location of the entry point HTML file. Additional output files, such as generated image files, are reported as xslt-additional-output-files. If no --output or --xsltoutput option is specified, output is written to standard output.


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--output-encoding = VALUE

The value of the encoding attribute in the output document. Valid values are names in the IANA character set registry. Default value is UTF-8.


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--output-indent = true|false

If true, the output will be indented according to its hierarchic structure. If false, there will be no hierarchical indentation. Default is false.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.


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--output-method = xml|html|xhtml|text

Specifies the output format. Default value is xml.


Click to expand/collapseparam [p]

--p | --param = KEY:VALUE

Specifies the value of an external parameter. An external parameter is declared in the XQuery document with the declare variable declaration followed by a variable name and then the external keyword followed by the trailing semi-colon. For example:

 declare variable $foo as xs:string external;

Because of the external keyword $foo becomes an external parameter, the value of which is passed at runtime from an external source. The external parameter is given a value with the CLI command. For example:


In the description statement above, KEY is the external parameter name, VALUE is the value of the external parameter, given as an XPath expression. Parameter names used on the CLI must be declared in the XQuery document. If multiple external parameters are passed values on the CLI, each must be given a separate --param option. Double quotes must be used if the XPath expression contains spaces.


Specifies a global stylesheet parameter. KEY is the parameter name, VALUE is an XPath expression that provides the parameter value. Parameter names used on the CLI must be declared in the stylesheet. If multiple parameters are used, the --param switch must be used before each parameter. Double quotes must be used around the XPath expression if it contains a space—whether the space is in the XPath expression itself or in a string literal in the expression. For example:


raptorxml xslt --input=c:\Test.xml --output=c:\Output.xml --param=date://node[1]/@att1 --p=title:'stringwithoutspace' --param=title:"'string with spaces'" --p=amount:456 c:\Test.xslt


Click to expand/collapseupdated-xml

--updated-xml = discard|writeback|asmainresult

Specifies how the updated XML file should be handled. The updates can be either:


discarded and not written to file (discard)
written back to the input XML file that is specified with the --input option (writeback)
saved either to standard output or to the location specified in the --output option (if this is defined)


Default is: discard.


Click to expand/collapsexquery-update-version

--xquery-update-version = 1|1.0|3|3.0|

Specifies whether the XQuery processor should use XQuery Update Facility 1.0 or XQuery Update Facility 3.0. Default value is 3.


Click to expand/collapsexquery-version

--xquery-version = 1|1.0|3|3.0|3.1

Specifies whether the XQuery processor should use XQuery 1.0 or XQuery 3.0. Default value is 3.1.



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