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--assessment-mode = lax|strict

Specifies the schema-validity assessment mode as defined in the XSD specifications. Default value is strict. The XML instance document will be validated according to the mode specified with this option.


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--dtd = FILE

Specifies the external DTD document to use for validation. If a reference to an external DTD is present in the XML document, then the CLI option overrides the external reference.


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--load-xml-with-psvi = true|false

Enables validation of input XML files and generates post-schema-validation information for them. Default is: true.


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--namespaces = true|false

Enables namespace-aware processing. This is useful for checking the XML instance for errors due to incorrect namespaces. Default value is false.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.


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--xinclude = true|false

Enables XML Inclusions (XInclude) support. Default value is false. When false, XInclude's include elements are ignored.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.


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--xml-mode = wf|id|valid

Specifies the XML processing mode to use for the XML instance document: wf=wellformed check; id=wellformed with ID/IDREF checks; valid=validation. Default value is wf. Note that a value of valid requires that each instance document loaded during processing references a DTD. If no DTD exists, an error is reported.


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--xml-validation-error-as-warning = true|false

If true, treats validation errors as warnings. If errors are treated as warnings, additional processing, such as XSLT transformations, will continue regardless of errors. Default is false.


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--xsd = FILE

Specifies one or more XML Schema documents to use for the validation of XML instance documents. Add the option multiple times to specify more than one schema document.



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