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Messages, Errors, Help, Timeout, Version

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--error-format = text|shortxml|longxml

Specifies the format of the error output. Default value is text. The other options generate XML formats, with longxml generating more detail.


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--error-limit = N | unlimited

Specifies the error limit with a value range of 1 to 9999 or unlimited. The default value is 100. Processing stops when the error limit is reached. Useful for limiting processor use during validation/transformation.


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Displays help text for the command. For example, valany --h. (Alternatively the help command can be used with an argument. For example: help valany.)


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--log-output = FILE

Writes the log output to the specified file URL. Ensure that the CLI has write permission to the output location.


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--network-timeout = VALUE

Specifies the timeout in seconds for remote I/O operations. Default is: 40.


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--verbose = true|false

A value of true enables output of additional information during validation. Default value is false.

Note:   Boolean option values are set to true if the option is specified without a value.


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--verbose-output = FILE

Writes verbose output to FILE.


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Displays the version of RaptorXML Server. If used with a command, place --version before the command.


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--warning-limit = N | unlimited

Specifies the warning limit in the range 1-65535 or unlimited. Processing continues if this limit is reached, but further warnings are not reported. The default value is 100.



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