Altova MapForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Upgrading MapForce Server

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When you upgrade to a newer version of MapForce Server, the license of your previous version will be used automatically for the newer version if, during installation:


the new version is registered with the same LicenseServer as that with which the previous version of MapForce Server was registered

you accept the license agreement of MapForce Server.


The simplest way to carry over a license from the previous version of MapForce Server to the newer version is to let the installation process implement the required steps. The relevant steps during the installation process are listed below in the order in which they occur:


1.Let the installer register the new version of MapForce Server with the LicenseServer that holds the license used by the older version of MapForce Server.

2.Accept the license agreement of MapForce Server. (If you do not accept the agreement, the new version will not be installed.)


Note:If you do not register MapForce Server with the correct LicenseServer during the installation process, you will need to register and license MapForce Server manually with your alternative LicenseServer.


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