Altova Work in Process XBRL Add-in for Excel, Version 2023r2

Reset Data and Restore Formulas

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The WIP Add-in allows you to reset your data and restore formulas from your imported data. For more information, see the subsections below.

Reset WIP Report Data

In some cases, you might want to clear all the entered data from the WIP report sheet in one operation. For example, you might want to do that when you discover that validation failed after you pasted some data from an external source. The Reset WIP Report Data command performs the following actions:


Clears all data from the sheet;

Restores the Excel formulas to their default state;

Restores the WIP report properties to their default state.


Note:The Reset WIP Report Data command does not affect the cell formatting.


To reset the WIP report data, click Reset WIP Report Data | Reset WIP Report data in the Excel ribbon. A confirmation dialog box will prompt you for confirmation before data is cleared.


Restore only formulas

You can also restore the Excel formulas to their default state without clearing the existing data. This is necessary, for example, after you have imported data from an XBRL report instance. To restore only the formulas, click Reset WIP Report Data | Restore only formulas in the Excel ribbon (see screenshot below).



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