Altova Work in Process XBRL Add-in for Excel, Version 2023r2


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The Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL Add-in for Excel (or WIP Add-in for short) is targeted at businesses and organizations that submit Work in Process (WIP) financial data in XBRL format within the framework of the XBRL US Work in Process (WIP) reporting.


The WIP Add-in enables you to do the following:


Enter XBRL US WIP data in Microsoft Excel, using a predefined template spreadsheet which maps to the XBRL US WIP taxonomy

Validate report data directly in Excel to ensure it conforms to the XBRL US WIP taxonomy

Export WIP reports from Excel to XBRL format

Import data from WIP reports into Excel


The currently supported taxonomy is the 2016 Surety Work in Process Taxonomy. This documentation makes references to and should be read in conjunction with the XBRL US Work In Process Taxonomy 2016 Preparers Guide.


Last updated: 29 March 2023


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