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After the GDPR VM has been powered on, you can start GDPR Compliance Database and its User Management app by typing their respective URLs in a web browser on your main machine (not on the VM):


GDPR Compliance Database: http://<ip-address-of-gdpr-vm>:8083/run?d=/public/GDPR

User Management app: http://<ip-address-of-gdpr-vm>:8083/run?d=/public/GDPR Users



Alternatively, you can start the compliance database and its user management app via the Workflows tab of MobileTogether Server.


1.In a web browser on your main machine (not on the VM), type the URL to open the MobileTogether Server client interface: http://<ip-address-of-vm>:8083.

2.If prompted for MobileTogether Server login credentials, enter them (see Important Information).

3.Go to the Workflows tab.

4.Click the public container.

5.Click the URL of the GDPR Compliance Database or the user management app (in the Run in Browser column).



Note:For information about the VM's IP address, see GDPR VM: Power On and Important Information.


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