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System Use

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When you open Altova ContractManager, it will have been configured by a system administrator for use in your organization. Typically, the system administrator will be a person in your organization who has set up the app on your network for use among multiple users. If you have questions about how the app has been configured or how it works, contact your system administrator.


The app provides you with the following functionality:


Enter and edit data about your organization's contracts. You might have the responsibility for maintaining records of all contracts or of only a subset of contracts. Typically, multiple users would be entering and editing data about the contracts. How to enter and edit records is described in the topics Record Listings and Record Data.

You can audit changes and track changes made to records.

Create and edit reminders when significant contract dates come due (for example, a contract renewal). A reminder is used to send notifications to the appropriate persons in your organization. See the topic Reminders.

Export a container's contents (that is, its records) to XML and/or CSV files. This is described in the topic Export to XML, CSV.

Generate charts and reports about a container's records. For example, in a Contracts container, you could generate charts and reports showing the cost of contracts by contract categories, and how these have changed over a period of time.

Print charts, reports, and record listings.


The subsections of this section describe the ContractManager functionality that is available to you.


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