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How to Use the Altova Cloud Portal

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How to use the Altova Cloud Portal is described in the following points:


Sign-up, Login, Navigation

Sign up as a user of the Altova Cloud Portal. This is a one-time action. During sign-up, you will define your login credentials (email address and password). See Sign-Up for details.

Log in with the credentials you specified during sign-up. See Log In for more information. See the topic Navigation for information about navigating the portal.



Any signed-up user can create a new account. The creator of an account will be the main administrator of that account.

Administrators of an account can invite users to join that account, either as administrators or as members. All that the administrator will need is the email address of the invited user.

Invited users must sign up before they can log in. After logging in, an invited user can accept or decline the invitation to join the account. Even if an invited user declines, they are still a signed-up user and can create new accounts as a main administrator.

Administrators of an account can subscribe to an Altova app and can give users of the account access to the subscribed app.

A (non-administrator) account member can open a subscribed app only if they have been granted access to it. This access can be granted by any administrator of the account.

A signed-up user can create multiple accounts or be a member of multiple accounts.


See the topic Accounts for detailed information.



Administrators of an account can subscribe to any Altova app that is available in the Altova Cloud Portal. Each subscribed app will be registered to the account from which the subscription was made.

Every first-time subscription is initially a trial subscription, which runs for a maximum of 30 days.

At any time after the initial subscription has started, any administrator of the account can purchase a subscription for an app that is on trial.

When an administrator decides to purchase a subscription, they are directed to the Altova Online Shop. Here they can choose the period of the subscription and the number of users that will use the app.

After subscription payment has been completed, the account in the portal will be updated automatically and the subscription will take effect immediately.

The subscribed apps of an account may be used only by users of that account (administrators and members).


See the topic Subscriptions for detailed information.


App Use

Users that have been granted access to a subscribed app can log in to their account and open the app from the portal itself. The app will open in a new browser tab.


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