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Servers page

The Servers page has two parts:


A list of all added MobileTogether Servers as buttons. The added servers are those which have had their connection information saved. To edit a server's connection information, click Edit (at the top of the page), and then tap the server's name. This takes you to the Edit Server page, where you can edit the server's connection settings. You can edit server settings even when a solution is running; however, all running solutions will be closed before any server-setting edits are saved. To delete an added server, tap that server's Stop icon and then the server's Delete button.

An Add Server button. This takes you to the Add Server page, where you can enter the connection information of the new server.


Note:To see which server is currently connected to the client, go to the Solutions or Favorites page. The name of the connected server is given at the top of these two pages.


The Server Connection form

The Server Connection form, which contains the settings for connecting to a MobileTogether Server, appears within the Add Server page and Edit Server page. Both these pages are accessed from the Servers page:


Add Server page: To access, tap Add Server on the Servers page. After completing the Server Connection form (see below) and tapping Save, a new server is added to the list of servers on the Servers page.

Edit Server page: To access, tap a server name on the Servers page. Tap Save to save changes. If a solution is running, you will be asked whether you want to close all running solutions and save the modified server settings, or whether you want to cancel the server-setting modifications.


The fields of the Server Connection form are listed below in display order. Complete the fields by tapping in a field and entering the required data. Tap Save (at the top of the page) when you finish.


Name: The name by which the server will be known on your device

Address: The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the MobileTogether Server

Port: The server port on which MobileTogether Server is available. MobileTogether Server defaults are 8083 for HTTP, and 8084 for HTTPS

SSL: SSL can be used if this has been set up on the MobileTogether Server. The setting up of SSL is described in the MobileTogether Server documentation.

User name: The MobileTogether Server user account to use when the client connects to the server. If none has been assigned to you by your MobileTogether Server administrator, use anonymous

Password: The password of the MobileTogether Server user account. If anonymous is the user name, no password is required. The Show Password option allows you to see the password characters

Login: You can access a server directly by using the login name/password of a MobileTogether Server user account. Some servers additionally allow the users of specific domains to log in with their domain logins. If this is the case, then the allowed domains are listed as options for this setting. Select the domain you want, and then enter your domain login details (name and password) in the respective fields.

Save Password: The password that you enter can be saved by switching this option to On. (If you use a domain account to log in, password saving might not be enabled. Consult your MobileTogether administrator in this case.)


The Edit Server page has two buttons at the bottom of the page:


Delete this Server: Tapping it displays a dialog asking whether you really want to delete the server. Tap Yes to delete, No to cancel.

Reset all Solution Data: Resets the data of all solutions.


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