MobileTogether App (iOS)

App Pages: Solutions, Running, Favorites

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You can switch between the Solutions, Favorites, and Running pages by clicking their respective buttons.



The Solutions page shows all the solutions that have been transferred from the currently selected MobileTogether Server to the mobile device. To change the currently selected MobileTogether Server, tap Servers to go to the Servers page, and then select another MobileTogether Server from the Servers page.



Some solutions are designed to keep running in the background after you start another solution. These running solutions (from all servers to which the client is connected) are displayed on the Running page. To close a running solution, press that solution's icon, and, in the menu that appears, tap Close solution. Note that when you install a new version of the MobileTogether app, all running solutions are closed.



The Favorites page contains solutions of the currently selected MobileTogether Server that have been defined as favorites. To define a solution as a favorite, go to the Solutions page, press the solution, and, in the menu that is displayed, tap the Add Favorite option. You can also add the solution to the Homescreen by tapping Add to Homescreen.


Note:The currently connected server is displayed at the top of the Solutions or Favorites page.


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