Altova MapForce Server 2024 

To be able to license MapForce Server from Altova LicenseServer, MapForce Server must be registered with LicenseServer.

To register MapForce Server from the command line interface, use the licenseserver command and supply the address of the LicenseServer machine (see below).


MapForceServer licenseserver [options] ServerName-Or-IP-Address


For example, if localhost is the name of the server on which LicenseServer is installed, use the following command:


MapForceServer licenseserver localhost


If MapForce Server was installed as part of a FlowForce Server installation, registering FlowForce Server with LicenseServer will automatically also register MapForce Server. Essentially: (i) Start Altova FlowForce Web as a service via ServiceController (see previous point); (ii) Enter your password to access the Setup page; (iii) Select the LicenseServer name or address and click Register with LicenseServer. For more information, see Register FlowForce Server.


After successful registration, go to the Client Management tab of LicenseServer's configuration page to assign a license to MapForce Server.


For more information about registering Altova products with LicenseServer, see the LicenseServer user manual.


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