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The IXBRL/XBRL interface/class provides methods to validate XBRL instance and taxonomy documents, as well as methods to evaluate formulas and generate XBRL tables. Validations results are boolean true or false. The interface also enables formula parameters to be passed through for formula evaluation. Formula assertions and formula output can also be read and be returned as strings. The properties of the interface define its parameters.


Note that the name of the interface in the COM/.NET API is different than that of the class in the Java API:



In Java: XBRL


Note:Where string inputs are to be interpreted as URLs, absolute paths should be used. If a relative path is used, a mechanism to resolve the relative path should be defined in the calling module.


COM/.NET structures

The following COM/.NET structure is defined.


public struct XBRLParamValuePair


    String ParamType;

    String ParamValue;



Java utility class

The following Java utility class is defined.


public class ParamValuePair


      public String paramType;

      public String paramValue;

      public ParamValuePair( String type, String value )


                    paramType = type;

                    paramValue = value;




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