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The script command executes a Python 3.11.5 script that uses the RaptorXML Python API.


raptorxmlxbrl script [options] PythonScriptFile


The File argument is the path to the Python script you want to execute. Additional options are available for this command. To obtain a list of these options, run the following command:


raptorxmlxbrl script [-h | --help]




raptorxmlxbrl script c:\

raptorxmlxbrl script -h

raptorxmlxbrl script          # Without a script file, an interactive Python shell is started

raptorxmlxbrl script -m pip   # Loads and executes the pip module; see the Options section below




Any options and arguments after the script command are forwarded directly to the Python interpreter. Please consult the Python documentation page for a complete listing of available options.


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