Altova MapForce Server 2023 

Catalog Files

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If you are using the Altova catalog mechanism, you can find the relevant catalog files in the etc folder of the MapForce Server application folder. For detailed information, see the Catalogs section of the Altova MapForce manual.


You can create CustomCatalog.xml from the template file CustomCatalog_template.xml. Make sure that you rename the template file to CustomCatalog.xml since this latter file will be the file that is used in the catalog mechanism (not the template file).


Note the following:


During a new installation of the same major version (same or different minor versions), the template file will be replaced by a new template file, but CustomCatalog.xml will be left untouched.

However, if you are installing a new major version over a previous major version, then the previous major version folder will be deleted—together with its CustomCatalog.xml. So, if you want to continue using CustomCatalog.xml, make sure that you save CustomCatalog.xml from the previous major version folder to a safe place. After the new major version has been installed, you can copy the CustomCatalog.xml that you saved to the etc folder of the new major version and edit it there as required.


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