Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Important URLs and Default Credentials

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The tables below lists important data for using the virtual machine and the CbC Reporting Solution.




Virtual machine

The VM name is important because it makes up the URLs that locate components which have been installed on the VM.


VM name


VM login name

VM password




Altova LicenseServer

Altova LicenseServer is needed in order to assign and manage your MobileTogether Server license.


Altova LicenseServer web interface


Altova LicenseServer initial password



Note:The initial password can be changed in the Settings tab.




MobileTogether Server administrator interface

The MobileTogether Server administrator interface provides access to MobileTogether Server settings and other administrator functions, such as configuring users and viewing activity logs.


MobileTogether Server administrator interface


MobileTogether Server default username


MobileTogether Server default password



Note:To be able to log in to the administrator interface of MobileTogether Server, the username must be one that has administrative rights. A user named root is pre-defined and has administrator rights. So you can log in with administrator rights for the first time as root. You can change the password of root in the Users and Roles tab of the administrator interface. In this tab, you can also create additional users with different privileges.




MobileTogether Server client interface

The MobileTogether Server client interface provides client access (web browser access) to all apps on MobileTogether Server, including to the CbC Reporting Solution solution.


MobileTogether Server client interface






CbC Reporting Solution

The URL of the CbC Reporting Solution opens the solution directly in a web browser.


CbC Reporting Solution



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