About the Java Interface

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About the Java Interface

To access the StyleVision Server API from Java code, add the following references to the .classpath file of your Java project.


StyleVisionServer.jar           The library that communicates with StyleVision Server

StyleVisionServer_JavaDoc.zip   Documentation of the StyleVision Server API


Both files are available in the bin folder of the StyleVision Server installation folder. You can either reference the file from their original location or copy them to another location if this fits your project setup.



Adding library references in Eclipse

In Eclipse, you can add the classpath references by editing the properties of the Java project. The sample instructions below apply to Eclipse 4.4.


1.With the project open in Eclipse, on the Project menu, click Properties.
2.On the Libraries tab, click Add External JARs, and then browse for the StyleVisionServer.jar file located in the StyleVision Server installation folder.
3.Under JARs and class folders on the build path, expand the StyleVisionServer.jar record, and then double-click the Javadoc location: (None) record.
4.Ensure that the Javadoc in archive and External file options are selected, and then browse for the StyleVisionServer_JavaDoc.zip file located in the StyleVision Server installation folder.
5.Click OK. The reference to the StyleVision Server library and Javadoc archive is added to the .classpath file of the project.


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