MobileTogether App (Web Client)

Login to MT Server

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Any web browser that provides a connection to your MobileTogether Server can serve as a MT web client. You can connect via a web client to the web interface of your MobileTogether Server. Do this as follows:


1.Open a web browser.

2.In the browser's address bar, enter the address of the MobileTogether Server to which you wish to connect and the port that has been configured as the server's mobile client port. For example, if you are connecting to a MobileTogether Server on your own machine and that server is using the default client port settings, enter: localhost:8083 in the address bar of your browser.

3.Sign in directly with the user name and password that has been assigned to you by your MobileTogether Server administrator. If you have not been assigned one, then use anonymous as your user name; no password is required for anonymous.

4.A successful login takes you to the root container (Container /), which contains all the solutions deployed to that server.


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