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MobileTogether App (Android)

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This topic lists solutions to problems you might encounter.


MobileTogether protocol in email applications: At the time of writing (December 2020), links that use the mobiletogether:// protocol do not work in Gmail and some other email applications, but they work perfectly in popular email applications such as AquaMail, K9, and MailWise. They have been tested in AquaMail and K9, and work correctly in these applications. The mobiletogether:// protocol is used for MobileTogether-specific tasks such as opening a MobileTogether solution via the link or updating the server settings on your client device via the link.


Scrollable tables limitation on Android 4.x devices: If there are two or more (scrollable or non-scrollable) tables on a page, then, if any of these tables is scrollable, it cannot be scrolled vertically. Either upgrade to a later Android version, or contact your MobileTogether administrator.


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