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App Settings

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To access the Settings page, tap the Menu (or Options) key on your device and select Settings. The Settings page has two sections: General Settings and Added Servers.


General Settings

List solutions with details: Displays a descriptive text below the solution name on the solutions page.

Reload solutions on app start: Reloads all the solutions from the connected server whenever the app is started.

Themes: Select a light or dark theme, or the system setting for themes.



This section contains a list of MobileTogether Servers that have been set up on the mobile device. Tapping a MobileTogether Server name opens the Server Settings form of that MobileTogether Server. You can edit server settings even when a solution is running; however, all running solutions will be closed before any server-setting edits are saved.


Page icons

The Settings page has two icons (at the top right of the page):


Add Server: Indicated by a plus-symbol icon. Tapping it takes you to the Server Settings page, in which you can define the settings of a new MobileTogether Server to connect to. The procedure is described in the section, Setting up and connecting to a MobileTogether Server.

Delete Server: Indicated by a dustbin icon. Tapping it displays the Select Server to Delete dialog, which lists all the added MobileTogether Servers. Tap the MobileTogether Server you want to delete.


Go back to Solutions/Favorites page

To go back to the Solutions/Favorites page from the Settings page, tap the Back key.



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