JSON Schema Editor - Free Trial

The JSON Schema Editor in XMLSpy is a graphical, drag and drop design view for editing and generating JSON Schemas. XMLSpy also has a powerful JSON Schema Generator for generating schemas from JSON instances, XSD, and more.

  • Graphical JSON Schema editor
  • JSON Schema validator
  • Context sensitive entry helpers
  • Intelligent JSON editor with intellisense
  • Innovative JSON Grid Editor
  • One click JSON Schema generator
  • Generate JSON Schema from JSON data
  • Generate JSON Schema from XML
  • XSD <=> JSON Schema conversion
  • Sample JSON instance generation from JSON Schema
  • Comprehensive support for XML, HTML, WSDL, & other Web technologies

Try these specialized JSON Schema tools now!

Download a FREE, 30-day Trial: XMLSpy 2020

To unlock the software and begin your trial, simply request a free evaluation key from the dialog box that will automatically open when you start the application. No credit card is required.

If you have trouble downloading the above .exe file, you may download the XMLSpy Enterprise Edition Zip Archive.